A Hot Doctor Made Her Trip To The Hospital Pretty Interesting And TikTok Started Sharing Some Of Their Own Embarrassing Hospital Stories

“My heart started racing really fast,” says Cindy. “Because he was really hot.”

To make matters more embarrassing, the nurse noticed Cindy’s racing heart rate and started “making fun” of her!

“I’ll just make a joke out of this,” Cindy said to herself at the moment.

“Because, like, what else am I going to do?”

Cindy then decided to joke around with the doctor and nurse, saying, “This is the most action I’ve had in weeks.”

One would think that her doctor would at least let out a little chuckle upon hearing Cindy’s joke. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“He did not appreciate that joke whatsoever,” says Cindy. She says that he continued to take the reading in silence. Awkward!

Thankfully, some TikTok users in the comments shared their own embarrassing doctor stories with Cindy to prove that she is not alone!

“I was on an ECG, and they told me to relax,” commented one user. “I relaxed so much I farted. I was also so embarrassed.”

“This reminds me of when a doctor that I hated kept checking my blood pressure to see if I could go home,” commented another user.

“But when he walked in the room, I got mad, and so, of course, my BP went up, and he wouldn’t let me go.”

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