A Viral TikTok Jean Hack Has Been Debunked For Not Working On All Body Types 

Three days ago, TikTok influencer Nicole Fay shared one of the most viral jean shopping hacks to date.

Instead of totally guessing if a pant size will fit you or waiting on super long dressing room lines in-store to try them on, Nicole showed how a simple jean waistband hack could tell you everything you need to know before purchasing.

According to Nicole, all you need to do is wrap the two ends of the waistband around your neck. If the ends do not touch, the jeans will not fit you.

And if the ends overlap a lot, the jeans will be way too big.

But, if the ends just perfectly touch, the pants are supposed to fit your body like a glove– making jean shopping a hassle-free process without try-ons or returns.

And even though this hack has gone ultra-viral– garnering over 5.1 million views, gaining 1.1 million likes, and spurring fifteen thousand comments– another TikToker named Allison has dubbed the trick a myth.

She shared a video trying the hack with her very own pair of size sixteen jeans. And, like Nicole, Allison’s pants waistband did perfectly fit around her neck.

However, after actually trying on the jeans, Allison shared that the hack is not a one-size-fits-all solution to pants shopping.

TikTok; pictured above is Allison in her video

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