After He Found Out His Daughter Only Wanted A Relationship So He Could Pay For Her Wedding, He Cut Off His Daughter Financially

The divorce decree explicitly outlined a college fund, yet Tracy told her son he needed to take out loans.

Then, his daughter Linda came to a similar understanding after realizing that her grades were not enough to get her into her desired college.

Nonetheless, his youngest daughter, Victoria, never really came around. That’s why he was utterly shocked when Victoria’s boyfriend asked for his blessing before proposing to her this year.

“And when I expressed that I did not think she would care about my blessing, he said she insisted on it,” he explained.

This was a pleasant surprise for him and even jumpstarted a closer relationship between Victoria and her father. Apparently, she began spending a lot more time with him and even acted politely toward her stepmother.

He was over the moon about this and said it felt so good to finally have his daughter back.

But then, after he went with Victoria to book her wedding venue and even paid for the deposit and first installment, everything began to change.

Victoria started being less communicative– no longer going over to his house and completely ignored his texts or just sent one-word replies.

And he was totally baffled about the sudden switch until his son Michael sent him a screenshot of Victoria’s most recent Instagram post.

Apparently, she had an engagement party that he was not invited to. Moreover, one of the photos with her stepfather Stan also included a hurtful caption.

“Anyone can be a father. It takes a real man to be a Dad. This amazing guy has been my dad for fifteen years, even though he didn’t have to be. I am so blessed to have him walk me down the aisle next year! #Daddy’sGirl #FutureMrs.X,” the caption read.

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