After He Found Out His Daughter Only Wanted A Relationship So He Could Pay For Her Wedding, He Cut Off His Daughter Financially

ksi - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A fifty-two-year-old man and his ex-wife, Tracy, had three children together who are now all in their twenties– Michael, Linda, and Victoria.

He and Tracy only split up after she had an affair with another man named Stan. And now, Tracy and Stan are married.

Still, he never told the kids why he and their mother got divorced in the first place in order to avoid any anger or blame-placing.

But, keeping Tracy’s affair a secret ultimately backfired on him.

After his children watched their mom move out of their childhood home and into a small apartment, then saw their father remarry about two years later, they began thinking of him as the bad guy.

Moreover, he was forced to be the “tough parent” while Tracy got their children’s sympathy.

“Stan and Tracy pretty much let the kids do whatever they wanted, and I had to be the disciplinarian who made sure homework was done, appointments were made, and deadlines were met,” he recalled.

Eventually, though, his two oldest children– Michael and Linda– realized that their mother was in the wrong all along.

It first began when Michael learned that his mother had never put away any money for him to go to college.

ksi – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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