Grab Your Hair Dye And iPod Shuffle, Because Emo Brunch Is Here To Revive The 2005 Punk Scene In Major Cities Nationwide

Finally, the meal will, of course, be set to a classic, angsty emo soundtrack. So, put on your best band t-shirts and ripped tights and find a location near you.

The Emo Brunch is currently being offered in various cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, and San Diego.

Plus, the experience is also launching in Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, Houston, and Miami this summer.

A general admission ticket starts at forty dollars and grants patrons access to a ninety-minute brunch at a secret location. The ticket also includes one beverage and your main entree.

To learn more about Emo Brunch and get your ticket today, visit the link here.

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