Her Ex-Husband Is Demanding That She Stop Buying Expensive Skincare Products For Her Teen Daughter

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This thirty-four-year-old woman has a fourteen-year-old daughter named Mia with her ex-husband, Jeff.

She and Jeff separated shortly after Mia was born, and Jeff was not really present for much of his daughter’s life.

But, he has recently been getting his stuff together, so Mia has been visiting her father’s house every other weekend.

When her daughter was eleven, though, Mia began to suffer from some acne. The acne was not super severe, but Mia still got bullied because none of the other students had really gotten acne yet.

“And it broke my heart. I saw my funny, outgoing daughter become introverted and depressed,” she recalled.

She also remembered how hard it was to deal with acne herself when she was Mia’s age. She had spent a ton of money on dermatologists and, ever since then, has maintained great skin.

So, she decided to try out her own skincare routine on her daughter to see if that did the trick. And, miraculously, it worked.

“We started doing my routine together– it is a six-step routine made up of very high-end products– and she loved it. By the end of the summer, her skin was clear, and she was so confident and happy!” she said.

She was also ecstatic that the skincare routine sparked Mia’s passion for dermatology– and now, Mia wants to grow up to be a dermatologist.

Wirestock Creators – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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