Her Ex-Husband Is Demanding That She Stop Buying Expensive Skincare Products For Her Teen Daughter

Plus, she and Mia would always end their evenings by doing their skincare routine together. So, she felt like it was an “added bonus” of precious bonding time that she really cherishes with her daughter.

But, her ex-husband Jeff totally disagreed that sparking Mia’s interest in skincare was the right thing to do. And it all began after Mia visited her father’s house this past weekend.

Apparently, Mia ran out of cleanser while there and asked her father if he could buy some more.

Jeff ended up saying yes and took Mia to the store to get it. But, once he saw the price, he realized he could not afford it and completely freaked out.

“Jeff yelled at me and said that I set him up to look like a failure. Then, he said it’s ridiculous that Mia uses products that expensive– her cleanser is sixty dollars– and that I am turning Mia into a superficial brat who only cares about her looks,” she explained.

She did not mean to embarrass her ex-husband, though, and immediately offered to send him money for the cleanser. Jeff did not care, though.

Instead, he demanded that she stop buying the products for Mia and encouraging a love of skincare because he claims it is harmful to someone her age.

She would not agree to stop buying the products, though, and simply apologized before hanging up on him.

And afterward, when she vented to her mother about the incident, her mother surprisingly took Jeff’s side.

Her mother claimed that acne and bullying are just a part of life that kids “need to deal with” and that being “so obsessed” with looks was not healthy for Mia.

Still, though, she had never thought that giving Mia a skincare routine could be harmful. She just remembered how low her own self-esteem had plummeted due to childhood acne and wanted to help her daughter keep up good grooming habits.

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