Her Half-Sister Tried To Take The Wedding Dress Her Mother Had Been Saving For Her, So She Stole It Out Of Her Hands

Elena - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Shortly after this sixteen-year-old girl was born, her father sadly passed away. On top of the tragic loss, her mother was also left with a mountain of debt.

And for a long time, it was just her and her mom fighting to make ends meet together. But, throughout all of their struggles, one thing her mother always refused to sell off was her wedding dress.

“She always talked about how it was her dream for me to get married wearing her dress or at least her veil,” she recalled.

Plus, the gown is absolutely stunning. It is a simple white dress that was custom handmade for her mother and paired with a long lace veil.

But, even though her mother always regarded the gown as “her dress,” all of that changed once her mom got remarried to a man named Brad last year.

Brad also has two kids, who are now her half-siblings. One is named Jake, who is eighteen, and the other is Tessa, who is twenty-six.

And now that Tessa just got engaged last week, she has been gunning for the dress.

It all began when her half-sister came over to show off her engagement ring and share her wedding plans.

Still, she knew that Tessa was aware of just how much her mother’s dress meant to her, so she was beyond shocked when Tessa began trying to take it.

Elena – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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