His Fiancé Is Upset Their Honeymoon Getaway Will Be At The Same Location As His Best Friend’s Bachelor Party

milanmarkovic78 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A man and his fiancé are set to be married in just under two months. The bride-to-be has never vacationed anywhere besides Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas in her life.

Meanwhile, the man has traveled practically everywhere.  So, she is obviously very excited about her honeymoon plans.

The pair decided to travel to a gorgeous all-inclusive resort in Mexico, and the man was ecstatic for his fiancé to have the experience.

“This will be a great getaway for me and an experience that my fiancé has never had before,” he said.

But, there is one big problem. The man’s best friend is getting married two months after him and wants to go all-out for his bachelor party.

Guess where the bachelor party is planned to be? At an all-inclusive resort in either Mexico or Punta Cana.

“It is exactly what my fiancé and I are doing for the honeymoon… and my fiancé is pissed! She believes that me going to the bachelor party so close to our honeymoon will absolutely cheapen and ruin the trip for her,” the man explained.

Apparently, his soon-to-be wife believes that the man will not be nearly as excited about their romantic trip together if he knows he is traveling to another all-inclusive resort right after.

The man recognizes that the situation is far from ideal. Still, he does not know what to do.

milanmarkovic78 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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