His Sister Is Mad At Him For Preventing Their Parents From Paying For Her To Have Another Shot At IVF

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old guy has an older sister who is 28. His sister got married 6 years ago, and for half of her marriage, she has been trying for a baby with her husband, though it has not worked out.

More than a year ago, his sister and her husband asked their mom and dad to pay for them to get IVF.

Their parents said that they would pay for his sister to undergo IVF, and they took it out of their retirement savings.

He chose to give his sister a couple of hundred dollars, too, because he wanted to be supportive, despite the fact that he did not have money saved at all since he just graduated from college.

“Unfortunately, the IVF failed,” he explained. “Yesterday, my sister and BIL came over again for dinner.”

“Afterwards, my sister said she wanted to try another round of IVF and asked my parents if they would pay for it again. I could tell my parents looked hesitant, but they agreed because my sister was crying.”

He decided to intervene, as he thought it was wrong of his sister to want their parents to pay for her to get IVF again, especially since it did not work out for them once and the odds of it not working out again are pretty high.

He and his sister began fighting in front of everyone, and his sister accused him of meddling in something that shouldn’t concern him.

“I told her she if she can’t pay for the IVF, then she needs to accept that she can’t afford a kid,” he said.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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