In 2018, A Film Producer Working On The Set Of A Discovery Channel Show Mysteriously Vanished And Has Been Gone Ever Since

“But, not at any time did anyone call professional medical assistance for him,” Mr. Woods noted.

Then, Terrence’s coworkers claimed that at about 5:30 p.m., he removed his radio, ran down a steep cliff, and disappeared into the forest.

An associate producer on the show, even alleged that Terrence was running faster than he had ever seen anyone run before.

A little over an hour later, he was reported missing to the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office– which launched an air and land search party the following day.

Nonetheless, the extensive search– which ended up lasting seven days– surprisingly uncovered no answers.

It has now been nearly four years since Terrence seemingly vanished into thin air, but his father is still hopeful that answers will soon come to light.

Terrence’s father has also created an Instagram account, @FindTerrenceWoods, in hopes of raising awareness about the film crew’s role in the mysterious disappearance.

“This is Terrence’s bedroom,” Mr. Woods said in an Instagram post along with a photo of Terrence’s bedroom.

“Everything is just the way he left it three years ago. How I wish I could just pop my head around the door and see my son’s face just one last time.”

“Tell him how much I love him, how much I am proud of him, and what an honour it is to be his parent. Since he’s been gone, nothing has been moved.”

“His space has been left untouched. We don’t have the heart to behave as if he isn’t coming back like the rest of the world. T, I know someday you will be back in this room again. We are devastated.”

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