Live Alongside Over 1 Million Bees In This Italian Airbnb Home Turned Hive

Have you ever wanted to be “one with the bees?” This Airbnb located in southern Italy is giving travelers the extremely rare opportunity.

Rocco Filomeno, an Italian beekeeper, designed the world’s first bee farm where guests can live alongside over one million worker bees.

He listed it on Airbnb as the “Wonder Bee & Bee” in honor of World Bee Day back in May and hopes the unique experience will provide guests with a better understanding and appreciation of the endangered species.

The hive turned home is now a part of Airbnb’s OMG! category, which highlights the most out-of-this-world listings.

Its exterior is simple yet head-turning, with a striking resemblance to honeycomb. And inside, a single room is enclosed by nine apiaries.

In total, they contain a colony of over one million worker bees.

The listing is located in the village of Grottole and, more specifically, rests in Filomeno’s olive garden. How much dreamier can the hive get?

Not only are guests able to sleep among the bees, though. Filomeno also teaches every traveler about the species and how to peacefully coexist with them.

Airbnb; pictured above is the exterior of this unique place

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