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She Called Building Security To Kick Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend Out Of Their Apartment So She Could Get Her Things Peacefully

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman is in the middle of divorcing her now ex-husband, and together, they own an apartment, which they still both own until things shake out with the divorce.

She was the one who moved out of that apartment while her ex-husband decided to stay there, and right after she left, she ended up having to leave many of her personal belongings behind.

It’s taken her a while to finally get around to doing this as she had no interest in being in that apartment or close to her ex when they first started the divorce process.

Recently she learned that her ex-husband was taking a trip to another country, so she reached out to him to say that she would swing by to get her items in his absence.

Her ex-husband let her know that it was totally ok, and so one day, while he was away, she stopped over at their apartment.

“I let myself in, and I wasn’t expecting anybody to be there, but his girlfriend was,” she explained.

“She freaked out when she saw me and started threatening to have me kicked out and accused me of breaking in.”

“She wouldn’t calm down or let me get my things even after I pointed out this was my apartment too, even if I no longer lived there.”

Her ex-husband’s girlfriend attempted to call him while this was all going on, though her ex-husband did not pick up that call.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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