She Learned These Fashion Secrets In The Pageant World And She’s Sharing Them On TikTok

In today’s day and age, the fashion and beauty industries have developed many items that have left most of us questioning how to put them on and how to last the entire day without experiencing an accidental slip.

Luckily for us, @cameronndoan has 7 handy secrets that are sure to leave you stylish and sleek while showing some skin.

One of the top fashion pageant secrets is to purchase sticky boobs, and this product is a true lifesaver.

Suppose you decide to purchase all backless tops this summer. Sticky boobs are your new fashion trick to get you through the day, or night, without flashing your friends and gaining unwanted tan lines!

Next on the list is butt glue. Yes, you heard that right! Pageant contestants tend to wear butt glue as a way of keeping their swimsuits in the right place.

However, Cameron has other necessities for the unusual product. Apparently, butt glue can be used for more than just your behind.

This lovely fashionista found the ultimate fashion hack by utilizing this product when she wears items such as strapless tops and more.

Aside from important clothing hacks, Cameron also recommends adding a color corrector to your shopping cart.

TikTok; pictured above is Cameron in her video

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