She Made Her Son Fly Economy While Their Nanny Flew First Class Because He Was Acting Like A Total Brat

stockbusters - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman and her husband welcomed their first child, Matt, into the world when they were just seventeen years old.

And at the time, the young couple was stuck in a difficult financial situation that only began to improve once Matt turned nine years old.

Now, though, she and her husband have both accepted well-paying jobs and have been able to afford to purchase a large home with some luxurious amenities.

They have also had two more children, an eight-year-old son, and a five-year-old daughter, along with Matt– who is now eighteen years old.

The couple’s jobs do require them to be out of the home often, though. So, she and her husband also hired a forty-five-year-old nanny named May to help take care of their younger children.

Nonetheless, this stark lifestyle change throughout Matt’s life has caused her to notice some concerning personality changes in her son.

She realized that after Matt was placed into an affluent private school around the age of ten, he began to connect with other, more privileged children, who perhaps influenced her son’s personality.

“The contact with the other teenagers brought out a selfish and elitist side of him,” she explained.

“And we tried our best to try and improve it, but with the onset of adolescence and stubbornness, it just seemed to get worse.”

stockbusters – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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