She Was Shot 4 Times In Her Own Driveway As She Was Getting Ready For A Garage Sale, And Although Her Murder Was Caught On Camera, Her Killer Has Never Been Identified

“Unsolved cases are the unfinished business of law enforcement,” Ogg said.

“The detectives you see who are on this case will never forget Liz, and they won’t stop until they complete the case.”

Moreover, the Sheriff’s Office and the Barraza family have continued asking for help from the community.

A GoFundMe campaign was created to up the monetary reward for anyone who comes forward with information regarding the tragedy.

“Liz and Sergio’s life was dedicated to the service of others. Now, they need our help,” the GoFundMe read.

And since being launched with a goal of twenty-five thousand dollars, nearly one hundred and fifty donors have contributed about nine thousand dollars to the cause.

“This is a tragic story. I am very sorry for your loss,” wrote one donor.

“Elizabeth was a beautiful person inside and out. I feel honored to have met her,” said another.

Elizabeth’s mother and father also created a website detailing their daughter’s life and the incident’s timeline in order to raise awareness about her case.

And as of this year, the reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction has risen to fifty thousand dollars.

“That is fifty thousand reasons for someone to come forward and do the right thing. Provide an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers and get this coward off the streets,” said Bob Nuelle, Elizabeth’s father.

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