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He’s Refusing To Officiate His Brother’s Wedding Because His Future Sister-In-Law Ruined His Own Fiancée’s Wedding Dress Shopping Day

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This thirty-three-year-old man had been dating his girlfriend for a while and recently proposed to her over the summer. Then, just one week later, the man’s brother also got engaged.

The double-proposal could have been a bright and exciting time for the family to share together.

Unfortunately, though, the man and his family have never been thrilled about the brother’s choice of partner. Apparently, his fiancée is very vain, emotionally manipulative, and is regarded as a “gold digger.”

“She has driven wedges between my brother and multiple family members and even planned her own Disney proposal and guilted my brother into dropping thirteen thousand dollars on a ring,” the man explained.

The woman also has a strained relationship with her own mother, so she constantly relies on the man’s mother for support. She repeatedly calls, texts, and invites herself along to random events.

“It annoys my mom to no end, but she is too polite to say anything about it,” the man said.

Nonetheless, the man and his family have been trying to “make nice,” being that the pair are now officially engaged to be wed. He even agreed to officiate the ceremony for his brother and sister-in-law.

Things quickly went sideways after the man’s own fiancée recently went wedding dress shopping, though.

She only invited the man’s mother, her own mom, and step-mom along to keep the experience close and intimate.

illustrissima – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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