She’s Talking About 5 Of Her Favorite Beauty Hacks That Require No Makeup

Have you ever felt you needed to put on a full face of makeup before stepping foot out the front door? It’s more than okay to venture out and run errands without an inch of makeup on.

However, most of us struggle to leave our homes as the thought of being seen without your favorite foundation and concealer may spook somebody!

The good news is that there are quite a few small tasks you can add to your everyday routine that are sure to grant you the boost of confidence you need to leave the house makeup free.

A young woman, also known as username @karajewel on TikTok, has granted us a fully informed video with 5 small no-makeup beauty hacks that are sure to leave you feeling as fantastic as you hop in the car and head to your favorite shops.

The first trick @karajewel claims helps her feel a little bit cuter without makeup is a lash-lift. Aside from this, Kara also gets her lashes tinted.

After that, it’s time to put down the mascara as both the tint and lift provide you with everything you need.

Tip number two is to whiten your teeth. Kara’s teeth are super white; surprisingly, she has never had them professionally whitened. She claims if you use crest white strips once every few weeks, your teeth will be super white.

Next on the list is something you may never have imagined using before. A fun trick Kara learned while attending one of her photoshoots is to use your lip bomb as a highlighter.

TikTok; pictured above is Kara in her video

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