She’s Unsure If Her Husband Cheated On Her Before They Got Married But She’s Considering Trying To Find Out

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This woman and her husband have been happily married for a while now and even have kids together.

But, when the couple began dating as youngsters, the woman was suspicious that her then-boyfriend had cheated on her. And now, years later, she is considering seeking closure.

The “incident” that led the woman to believe she had been cheated on occurred after just a few months of dating her now-husband.

She was just hanging out with him when she saw a text message pop up on his phone, and it was from a girl.

The woman does not remember exactly what the message said. But, after confronting her boyfriend about it, he did something shady.

“I asked who it was and if I could see the message. And boom, when he gave it [the phone] to me, he had deleted the conversation,” the woman recalled.

Later that night, the couple even broke up. The woman claimed that their split was not just because of the text message but because they had been treating mistreating each other for a while.

“We started to become toxic toward each other and asked each other if we were still happy in our relationship. We weren’t, so we broke up,” she explained.

Following the breakup, the then-boyfriend did hang out with the girl he had been texting. And eventually, he told the woman they also went out together.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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