Supremes Are The Latest Viral Baked Good Taking Over NYC, And They Offer The Best Of Croissants, Donuts, And Eclairs All In One

Are you a New York native who loves trying out new sweets? If so, you are going to go wild over the latest baked good taking over NYC.

Remember when cronuts, a cross between donuts and croissants, debuted back in 2013? Well, the latest flaky pastry that has been selling out on Lafayette Street is similar– but has also been totally upgraded.

In April, the famous Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery began offering what is known as the “Supreme.”

Supremes are buttery round croissants stuffed with pastry creme– much like a Boston Kreme donut.

But, the bakery took this treat one step further by also topping it with ganaches of all flavors and crushed cookies.

So, essentially, New Yorkers are getting to chow down on the best parts of croissants, donuts, and eclairs all wrapped into one delectable-looking package.

Nonetheless, getting your hands on the now highly sought-after baked good is an entirely different story.

After Supremes went viral on Instagram and TikTok, people from around the city began flocking to Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery.

TikTok; pictured above is the Supreme

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