The Remains Of 2 Women Were Discovered After Last Being Seen With The Same Man In 2014, But Nobody Has Any Answers About Their Deaths

Danielle Bertolini was born on March 6, 1990, and, even in her younger years, was known for being spunky and unapologetically herself.

She grew up in Maine and was a friend to everyone she met. But, Danielle also struggled with substance abuse and, at the age of twenty, lost her son– Xavier.

During Danielle’s pregnancy in 2010, her physician made the chilling discovery that Xavier would not survive the birth due to severe developmental issues.

So, Danielle’s medical team decided it was best to terminate the pregnancy, but it forever changed the young expectant mom.

Four years later, in 2014, she decided it was time for a fresh start away from her turbulent childhood and the reminders of her loss. Danielle ended up moving to northern California in hopes of living amongst the historical redwood trees.

But, the cross-country move did not turn out as planned. The young woman became surrounded by triggers and urges after falling in with the wrong crowd of people.

“She just me up with the wrong people. She went to go work for people on ‘Murder Mountain,’ which is a mountain where marijuana grows, there is a lot of dealing, a lot of heroin, a lot of meth, a lot of everything,” explained Billie Jo, Danielle’s mother.

She ultimately returned to using and, in the time leading up to her disappearance, was fighting to get out.

Facebook; pictured above is Danielle

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