This 15-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Is Getting Remarried But Disinvited Her From The Wedding

This definitely upset the girl, but she did not fret too much. She understood that her relationship with her mother had been strained since birth due to forces out of her control.

“I looked too much like my father, and my dad explained how my mother had postpartum depression when she had me and just could not connect with me because of it,” the girl explained.

But, she had no idea how much this “lack of a connection” would really tear their relationship apart.

Right after being told that she was no longer the flower girl, the girl still asked when she would be getting a regular dress for the wedding. Then, her mom utterly shocked her.

“That same disappointed look on her face came again before she told me I was not invited to the wedding simply because her boyfriend thought I would upset his family since I was from my mom’s previous marriage and he did not like my dad,” the girl said.

And as if that was not horrible enough, the mom also shared how the girl’s birthday would also not be celebrated this year.

Since the wedding was just a day before, the family had planned to have a birthday party before the couple went on their honeymoon afterward.

But now, the mom’s fiancé wants to go on his honeymoon right away and vetoed the entire initial plan.

After all of this, the girl was understandably fuming. She ended up screaming at her mother and apologizing for “not looking enough” like her.

Then, following the screaming match, the mom’s fiancé shockingly kicked the girl out. Her brothers have since learned about what happened and have sided with their sister.

They have even refused to go to the wedding unless she is able to attend.

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