This Cat Named Chibbs Needs Special Surgery For A Rare Genetic Condition That Will Cost $15,000

Anna and her family were able to secure an appointment with a heart veterinarian at UC Davis. However, after further analysis, the medical team determined it was not Chibbs’ heart, cancer, or anything they could see or figure out. The next step for the family would be to meet with an internal medicine specialist.

At this time, the team recommended that Chibbs be considered for surgical intervention, including thoracic duct ligation, cisterna chyli ablation, and pericardiectomy.

There is a 50/50 percent chance of Chibbs surviving this surgery. However, if he does, the surgery is intended to help stop the source where the fat fluid is coming from.

Anna has organized a GoFundMe in honor of her special companion Chibbs. The initial quote for the procedure is 15K. However, the family has already spent over 5k in chest taps, so the new goal is 20k.

If you would like to visit the GoFundMe, you can click here

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