During The Toast At Her Friend’s Wedding, Everyone Found Out She Was Pregnant, And Then The Crying Bride Asked Her To Leave

Several of the girls who had been standing near them whipped their heads around as they overheard the news that she was pregnant.

All the girls who heard Sara also started acting thrilled for her, and suddenly, all of this attention that was supposed to be on Nancy, the bride, was diverted to her and her pregnancy.

“I was already mortified, but s*** really hit the fan when Nancy showed up, eyes full of tears, asking both Sara and me to leave (in front of everyone) as we were ruining her day and not abiding by her rules,” she said.

“Apparently, another one of the rules agreed to by the bridal party to adhere to and make sure happened was that no major announcements were to be made- ie, engagements, pregnancies, divorces, coming out, whatever you can and cannot think of.”

At first, she was furious that Nancy kicked her out of the wedding, but now that things have calmed down some, she does feel bad.

If she puts herself in Nancy’s shoes, she would certainly feel disappointed to have the spotlight taken off her at her own wedding and put on someone else.

She’s curious if it was wrong of her to agree to go to Nancy’s wedding knowing that she was pregnant. Do you think so?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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