Her Dad Is Trying To Guilt Her Into Allowing Him To Propose To His Girlfriend At Her Upcoming Wedding

zamuruev - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman is going to be getting married soon, and her fiancé’s family has offered to help them both pay for their wedding.

While her fiancé’s family has been nothing but incredibly supportive of them, her own family has been anything but.

Her dad is not the giving type, and he used to charge her rent back when she lived with him. So, her dad is not paying for her wedding at all, but that’s not the problem she has with him.

“My mom died of cancer a few years back,” she explained. “We were incredibly close, and it was so hard to watch the kindest person I have ever met go through such a horrible thing.”

“I know everyone grieves in different ways, but my dad began dating really soon after she passed. Within months he was on dating apps and filling me in on the details of the women he was meeting.”

“This, among other things, really damaged our relationship for a while. He met his now GF within the first year of my mom being gone, and they now live together. I am glad he has someone to keep him company, but it was fast.”

She is really not that close to her dad or her dad’s girlfriend, but they’re all polite to one another and get along well enough.

Not too long ago, she came over to her dad’s house, and when it was just the two of them, and her dad’s girlfriend had walked away, her dad started showing her a video.

It was of a bride, and as she got ready to toss her bouquet, she walked over to one of her bridesmaids and passed her flowers off.

zamuruev – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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