Her Ex Is Mad She Never Sends Her Son To His House With Nice Clothes Anymore, And He’s Accusing Her Of Making Him Look Poor

volurol - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman is currently co-parenting her son Alex with her ex. But unfortunately, her ex has been suffering from some financial struggles and is just trying to make ends meet.

So, he is not able to afford much for their son– but she tries to be understanding.

On the other hand, she is more financially stable right now and likes to gift Alex nice items. Her one rule, though, is that her son’s “nice clothes” are fully reserved for going out.

“If he wants to play, that’s fine. But he can go in play clothes; I don’t want him playing in those [nice] clothes,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her ex does not exactly abide by that rule.

Apparently, every time Alex returns home, his clothes are completely wrecked. Like, mud-covered, ripped, and buttons-ripped-off wrecked.

She has even had to throw out multiple pairs of shoes just because Alex’s father does not have him change into play clothes before roughhousing.

So, at that point, she became sick and tired of having to relentlessly wash or even throw away items since the costs really do add up.

And since she and her ex always coordinate drop-off and pick-up for Alex following Sunday Mass, she had a little plan about two months ago.

volurol – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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