His Fiancée Found Out He Invited His Ex-Wife To Their Wedding And Got Super Upset

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When this thirty-two-year-old man was nineteen, his girlfriend, Cindy, got pregnant. And since they both hailed from very religious families, they were also forced to get married.

But, they were simply too young, and the marriage never worked out. So, they saved up money until they were able to afford lawyers and live on their own without their family’s support. Then, they got a divorce. And ever since then, he and Cindy have remained close friends.

“Although we are not in love, I do love Cindy. Some of it was for the sake of our child, but honestly, we don’t just tolerate each other for the sake of the kid. We are genuinely close friends,” he explained.

However, about four years ago, he fell in love with and started dating another woman. His then-girlfriend knew he was close with Cindy and met her way back when.

And even though they were never close friends, he thought Cindy and his girlfriend were friendly. For example, they would always see Cindy at any event involving his child, and Cindy was always generally invited to any outing that consisted of his high school friend group.

Plus, his girlfriend never brought up any issue with Cindy being there. So, he never thought anything of it.

But, he recently proposed to his now-fiancée this year and had to figure out all the facets of wedding planning. And in the process, he figured it would only be natural to invite Cindy to the ceremony.

After all, Cindy is the mother of his child and his genuine friend. However, his fiancée did not agree with him sending Cindy an invite at all.

“She did not say anything when I added Cindy to the guest list initially. But, she has made a lot of comments over the past week or so about how it was a bit weird to invite my ex-wife,” he recalled.

EmotionPhoto – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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