His Friend Set Him Up One A Blind Double Date, And Is Now Upset That He Didn’t Pay For His Date’s Dinner

olly - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy recently got set up on a blind double date by one of his friends, but the evening didn’t go that wonderfully.

His friend who organized the double date is married, and this friend and his wife have been pleading with him to allow them to set him up.

His friend’s wife has some single friends that they figured could be a great fit for him, and so, he finally agreed to meet one of her friends.

“His wife really wanted me to meet this one woman, and they suggested a double date because my date-to-be got anxious about meeting new guys and needed support,” he explained.

“I agree to meet her. I showed up for the dinner and stayed the whole time. For what it’s worth, we didn’t hit it off. She’s a nice person, but we didn’t have much in common.”

“I’ve had conversations with anxious and shy people before, and they weren’t that awkward or clunky. Since I wasn’t feeling it, I wanted to leave after we finished eating instead of continuing the night with them. I told my date it was nice to meet her, paid my bill, and then left.”

He walked off, and he left his friend, his friend’s wife, and his date there in the restaurant. When he left, everyone at the table was drinking coffee and chatting about going for a walk downtown.

Now, normally when he eats out with his friends, they each pay for their own things. They never pay for one another, and so he didn’t think he had to pay that night for anything other than what he had ordered.

Imagine his surprise when a few hours later, his friend asked him for $60. He questioned his friend about why he owed him money, and his friend insisted he had not paid the bill before leaving.

olly – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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