In May Of 1984, This Long Island Teen Left For School But Never Returned Home: 4 Months Later, She Was Found Rolled Up In A Carpet And Discarded In A Hole

Laura’s remains had been found rolled up in a carpet and placed in a hole just two miles away from her home. The area her body had been discovered in had been known as “The Hut” by neighborhood children– since the hole was nearly five feet deep and eleven feet in diameter.

And after Laura’s remains were put in the hole, her perpetrator also covered the hole with old cardboard boxes and pieces of plywood.

So sadly, by the time authorities found her body, only Laura’s dental records could be used to identify the remains. Moreover, the remains were so decomposed that Laura’s cause of death was never able to be determined.

The Parkers were disgusted with how carelessly their daughter’s body had been discarded and eventually buried Laura’s ashes at the St. Boniface Episcopal church. There, they continued to gather year after year to mourn their daughter and any other children who were murdered during this time.

Tragically, though, Laura’s case has still remained cold for over thirty-eight years now.

If you have any information regarding Laura’s murder, you are encouraged to contact the Suffolk County Police Department at (631) 852-6000.

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