She Dropped Out Of Her Best Friend’s Wedding As The Maid Of Honor Because Her Ex Is One Of The Groomsmen

Her best friend was the first person to warn her that her ex would be a part of the groomsmen. And at first, she tried to be the bigger person.

So, she agreed to one night out with her best friend, the groom, and the bridal party and groomsmen.

But even though she was paired up with the groom’s brother, and her ex was paired with her friend’s sister, her ex would not leave her alone the entire evening.

In fact, he kept going up to her and trying to get her to take him back. Then, he joked that they should go hook up and even touched her a few times. It was super uncomfortable for everyone involved, but especially her.

And following that evening, her friend did ask if anyone else could take her ex’s spot as a groomsman. But, her friend’s fiancé said no since he apparently “truly considers him his closest friend now.”

Her friend’s fiancé also said she should be able to deal with being around her ex for just a few hours. But, she simply cannot do it.

“I can’t have him following me around and trying to win me back. He humiliated me. He said things I never would have expected out of him. Five years of my life, he got to treat me like that,” she said.

In turn, she and her friend agreed that it would be best for her to pull out of the wedding. Nonetheless, this has caused a bit of an issue between the bride and groom.

Since her best friend’s fiancé refused to pull her ex out of the groomsmen, her best friend became super upset with her fiancé.

And now, the fiancé is totally angry at her. He believes she should have sucked it up for her best friend and followed through with being the maid of honor regardless of her personal feelings. He even called her petty.

So, she feels terrible. She hates that she had to pull out, disappoint her best friend, and start an argument in their relationship.

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