She Told Her Father He Needed To Stop Having So Many Kids Because She Always Gets Stuck Being The Babysitter

hbrh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman is twenty years old and comes from a pretty sizable family. In fact, she has four full siblings and two half-siblings.

And even though she loves them all, she and her older sister, Vel, are always expected to be the babysitters. Plus, now that she travels pretty often for her own job, a lot of the work has fallen to Vel– who is already raising her own three-year-old child.

It’s not like her father is not able to be home, either. He is actually his own boss and has the ability to make his own hours– but he still never makes an effort to be home to care for his kids.

Moreover, he does not really help out her stepmother, who has been battling depression and going through a custody battle with her ex for the past two years.

“We are happy to help her [stepmother] because she genuinely is struggling. And she is trying her best, but he’s just not trying,” she said.

Instead, whenever her father is home, he reportedly spends all of his time doing the “devil’s tango” with her stepmother rather than pitching in with home upkeep or childcare.

So anyway, after her father recently told them that his wife was pregnant again, they were far from thrilled.

In fact, she finally spoke up and told her father that he needed to stop having children altogether if he was not going to be present at home.

“I said that another sibling just means more babysitting for us and that it is not fair on us. If he wants a lot of kids, he needs to be at home a lot more than he is and needs to put his children first,” she recalled.

hbrh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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