She Wouldn’t Buy Her Sister-In-Law An Extra Wedding Accessory Because It Would Not Be Fair To The Other Bridesmaids, And Her Sister-In-Law Got Really Upset

Plus, she claimed that as the sister of the groom, she had a “special role”– which she totally disagrees with.

“She has mentioned many times how, as the sister-in-law, she should stand out and is special. Personally, I believe my maid of honor and best friend of twenty years is the special stand-out one, but I did not say anything,” she explained.

Anyway, in terms of the shawl, she ended up telling her sister-in-law that if she bought them a thirty-five-dollar shawl, she would have to spend extra money on every other bridesmaid to make it fair. And that would run her out of a lot more cash.

So, her sister-in-law got pretty upset, and she was left wondering if making them pay was a jerky thing to do.

Thankfully, though, her fiancé did get involved and had a talk with his sister. Her fiancé apparently brought up their entitled behavior and said that if she wanted a shawl, she had to pay for it.

So, her sister-in-law ended up wiring her the money, and she also agreed to only wear the shawl after the ceremony and photos. A total win!

Things are still a bit awkward with her sister-in-law now, but she is glad that the situation did not end up escalating any further. Plus, her sister-in-law has toned down her entitled behavior for the time being– which is another upside.

Do you think her sister-in-law deserved to be put in their place? Would you have paid for the shawl or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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