She’s Refusing To Financially Support Her Sister’s IVF Treatments Because Her Sister Cheated On Her Own Childhood Best Friend

annanahabed - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s thirty-four-year-old sister, Meg, was married to a man named Josh. But Meg cheated on Josh with his best friend, Liam. And it gets worse.

She did not even cheat just once. Meg and Liam actually kept up the affair for over four years.

Then, once Josh found out, he understandably broke up with Meg and tried to move on with his own life.

Still, Meg never really suffered. Instead, she and Liam just continued seeing each other. And now, they have officially been together for five years.

But, the larger problem is that Josh was actually her own best friend since elementary school. In turn, her sister Meg only ever met Josh through her and then ended up screwing him over.

So, the cheating seriously strained her own relationship with Meg, too.

“My relationship with Meg took a toll on me because I was annoyed with her for doing that to my best friend,” she said.

They never completely cut contact because Meg had a son who later became her godson.

Just last year, though, she received a pretty large sum of money as part of her inheritance. And out of pure generosity, she decided to give half of it to her parents and siblings.

annanahabed – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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