Want To Get Creative With Your Child’s School Lunches? Check Out These Adorable Themed Lunch Box Ideas

With the first day of school right around the corner, parents already have enough to worry about. So, instead of stressing about how to make your kids’ school lunches fun, one TikToker named Gabriella Mariposa has got you covered.

Her account is dedicated to creating countless genius lunch box meal ideas for kids of all ages and interests. So, let’s dive into a few that your kiddos will go nuts over– and actually finish!

Harry Potter Lunch

If your child is fanatical about all things Harry Potter, then they are going to eat this lunch idea right up.

First, if you send your kid to school with a water bottle, you can take off the original brand label and replace it with a “Gillywater” label– just like what the wizards drink! Gabriella simply found her image online, printed it out, and taped it on.

Next, you can create some butter beer flavored-popcorn by just placing any store-bought popcorn in a bowl. Then, simply drizzle some butterscotch sundae topping over the popcorn and mix it well.

“If you like kettle corn, you will love this popcorn,” Gabriella said.

And for the main course, you can make your child any type of sandwich they love. Gabriella opted for turkey and cheddar. But, the most important part is that you should cut it into a triangle shape like the Deathly Hollows symbol.

TikTok; pictured above is the Harry Potter themed lunch that Gabriella made

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