After She Got Hit On For Hours By A Married Guy Named Steve, She Went On A Mission To Find His Wife To Let Her Know

It’s a common scene in the dating world: you go out to a bar, someone hits on you and tries to get you to go on a date. But the entire picture shifts when you find out that the guy hitting on you is married. TikToker Maddie Perry, @maddiemperry, encountered this exact problem.

Maddie was at a bar with her friends in Nashville, Tennessee, when she came across a group of guys who were celebrating a bachelor party.

But she gets drawn into their antics when one of the guys from the group wouldn’t stop coming up to her to flirt. Without any obvious signs, like a wedding ring, people don’t always assume that someone is married, especially if they’re out alone with a group of their single friends.

“Let’s just say he was hitting on me for over an hour,” she said–to which her friend corrected that it was “probably two hours.”

The guy she met, Stephen, wasn’t just being cute and flirting for fun. He was hard-core hitting on her and desperately trying to make sure that the night wouldn’t end for them at the bar.

He was “telling me that I should let him come home with me to my house,” she said. “When I said, ‘no,’ he said I was too much of a ‘good girl’ for him.”

But he didn’t stop there. When she turned him down, he offered up his place instead.

“He said, multiple times, that he had his own bed at the Airbnb and that I could come home with him.”

TikTok; pictured above is Maddie in one of her videos

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