Another Little Girl Took Her Daughter’s Dress At A Play Session, So She Asked For It Back, And The Girl’s Mom Was Not Happy

So, she first just tried to calm her daughter down for about ten minutes.

Then, she told her daughter how important it was to share and said that the other little girl would be upset if they asked for the dress back.

“I also tried distracting her with other things, but two-year-olds are stubborn, and all she wanted was to wear her dress,” she recalled.

And by that point, none of the calming down had worked. In fact, it actually had the opposite effect, and her daughter had gone into a full-blown meltdown.

This forced her to consider two options. One, she could have just brought her daughter home– which means she would have had to ask for the dress back before they left. Or two, she could just speak to the other little girl’s mom.

It became clear that either way, though, she was going to have to talk to the little girl’s mother about the dress. So, she decided to go with the latter and stay at the play cafe.

But first, she found another princess dress in the costume box. Then, she brought it over to the girl’s mom and explained the entire situation before asking if her daughter could have the dress back.

“I also said, please take your time; I don’t want to upset your daughter; I’ll carry on trying to distract mine,” she said.

Despite her best efforts, though, she could tell that the other little girl was not happy. So, it took about ten minutes of wrangling before that girl agreed to take off the dress and hand it over.

Afterward, though, the girl’s mother treated her like she had killed the little girl’s cat. More specifically, the mom just walked the dress over to their table, placed it down without saying anything, and then glared at her for the rest of the entire session.

And even though her daughter and the other girl ended up forgetting about the whole dress debacle and playing with each other by the end of the day, the girl’s mother still refused to engage with her.

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