Buffalo Chicken Taquitos Are About To Be One Of Your New Favorite Appetizers

ASMR has completely taken over the TikTok platform and the restaurant industry, too, as creators find ways to capture the tingling sensations of crunchy and appetizing meals. However, one, in particular, takes the cake and involves fiery and fresh buffalo chicken taquitos.

TikTok has become quite the platform for all creators alike. This addictive digital realm provides us with sappy love stories, uncanny life moments, and, most importantly, an entire arsenal of savory recipes.

Whether your “for you page” highlights America’s Most Funniest Home Videos or an abundant amount of puppies, odds are a few talented at-home chefs tend to pop up in the mix.

One creator, in particular, tends to bless our timelines with the most scrumptious meals that leave our mouths watering and instantly tapping every button possible to like, share, and save the digital recipe card.

Alyssa Alonso, also known as @eatwithalyssa on TikTok, has accumulated almost 1 million followers by posting a collective amount of recipes to her platform.

From acai bowls to milkshakes, dog cakes, and even the mesmerizing buffalo chicken taquitos that have recently gone viral with over 2.6 million likes.

Aside from the mouth-watering video footage, the viral TikTok starts off with Alyssa pulling apart a cheesy taquito, whose crunch is enough to send ASMR tingles through your soul and put you to sleep.

If you are looking to tackle this delightful treat, rotisserie chicken will become your best friend. Start by pulling the chicken off the bone, chopping it up into little pieces, and adding it to a bowl with one and a half cups of your choice of buffalo sauce.

TikTok; pictured above are Alyssa’s buffalo chicken taquitos

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