He Found Out His Girlfriend Had $40,000 Saved Up And Asked Her To Contribute To The Bills, But She Became Furious 

JackF - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-three-year-old man has been dating his girlfriend for five years now, and they are both part-time college students while working full-time in their fields.

He lucked out and was able to secure a good sales position where he makes between sixty and sixty-five thousand dollars per year. At the same time, his girlfriend works as a dental assistant and makes about thirty-seven thousand dollars a year with bonuses.

Anyway, due to their income differences, he has been paying for everything since they recently moved in together. After all, he claims he was under the impression that his girlfriend had no money and wanted her to start saving.

“And I didn’t want to burden her, as her schooling is more difficult than mine,” he added.

Plus, his girlfriend apparently always said that she had no money because of her bills. But, he was not sure what bills she was actually talking about.

Apparently, her car was paid for by her father, and her college tuition is covered for free by her employer. So, the only remaining bills are her car insurance and whatever charges she puts on her credit card.

“I, on the other hand, had to put down all the deposits for the apartment. I currently pay one thousand dollars for rent, plus roughly four hundred dollars for all other utilities,” he explained.

Additionally, he has other personal bills on top of that– such as his own car insurance and college tuition.

Still, he recognized that his girlfriend did help out with other expenses– such as groceries and laundromat expenses– and was fine with their arrangement for a while.

JackF – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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