He Told His Pregnant Wife To Stop Complaining And Acting Like A Child, And Now She’s Refusing To Speak To Him

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This thirty-five-year-old man and his thirty-three-year-old wife are currently pregnant with their first child and are set to welcome their baby into the world this December.

But, even though this nine-month period is supposed to be a time filled with intimate joy between partners, he has apparently been hating it.

For context, he lives with chronic pain as a result of various health issues. At the same time, he works a job where he is constantly up and on his feet.

So, he is always tired and in pain after work. And before you suggest he find a new job, he claims that he cannot right now but plans to as soon as possible.

Anyway, this means that tending to his wife during her pregnancy has been a serious issue for him.

It all began after his wife quit her job once they found out they were expecting. And even though they had always planned to do that, the arrangement did not pan out as he thought it would.

“The problem is, she has gotten really lazy. And I understand pregnancy is hard, but it’s gotten to the point where she won’t even make food or clean the house sometimes,” he said.

Apparently, his wife has also been constantly whining and complaining ever since she took the pregnancy test. He claims that she sounds “like a child” and says things like, “I hungry” or “I sore.”

Plus, he believes that his wife always expects things of him right after work.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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