He Took In And Raised His Niece After Her Father Died, But Now He Is Refusing To Pay For Her College Tuition

His niece’s assumption shocked him, and clearly, there had been a misunderstanding somewhere along the way. So, he was forced to set the record straight.

“I told her that no, I wouldn’t be paying. I only had enough money to pay for my kids, but I would still help her out with basic necessities,” he recalled.

After he clarified that, though, his niece apparently got really upset– because she just stayed totally silent and went up to her bedroom.

And later, his suspicions were confirmed after he received a furious call from his father. In fact, his father actually reamed him out for treating his niece differently from the other kids.

“My father called me in a rage and said I was being cruel to my niece, especially since my brother was always close to me when he was alive,” he explained.

Still, though, he tried to explain that his decision had nothing to do with his love or care for his niece. Instead, he simply just does not have the resources to put her through a four-year university. But then, his father delivered one last final blow when they said he should have begun saving for his niece’s college the minute he took her in.

In turn, he has been left feeling like a total jerk. He admits that his father is right and that he should have launched a college fund back in the day to prepare for this moment. Nevertheless, he obviously never did. So now, he has been left wondering if refusing to pay for his niece’s college tuition is a terrible thing to do.

Do you think that his father is right? If you were his niece, how would you feel? What would you do in this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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