He Was Starved, Neglected, And Left Inside Of A House That Had No Heat In The Middle Of Winter: After She Rescued Him, She Was Forced To Give Him Back To His Family

This is a heart-wrenchingly sad one for the books. It’s always hard when an animal that you love has to leave you.

Sometimes we are more connected to animals than we are to other humans. They have a special place in our hearts and deserve the endless and unconditional love in return that they give us.

But unfortunately, not every pet owner feels the same. Be warned: this is a tragic story that hasn’t been fully resolved in a good way as of yet.

For Olde English Bulldogge Kano, life has been more difficult than it had to be as a domestic pet. He met his fabulous foster mom, who goes by the name Sophia M. on her page when his legal family abandoned him.

“Kano was originally given to me as a foster pup by a co-worker,” Sophia wrote on her website, explaining Kano’s story.

“Kano’s primary caretaker and owner was sadly diagnosed with health issues, and her son, who lived with her, was incarcerated once again for DUI and related charges. As a result, Kano was abandoned in a home with no heat in the frigid winter.”

While Kano survived these horrible circumstances, unfortunately, his canine partner “was discovered deceased and decaying amongst the house debris.”

But Kano was rescued by Sophia as a foster pup who needed a good home. She was the answer to all of his problems. Given his previous circumstances, Kano arrived extremely sick and unhealthy. His condition was dangerous.

www-keepkanohome-com; pictured above is Kano

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