Her Best Friend From Childhood Is About To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend, So She Said There’s No Way She Wants To Be A Bridesmaid

So, Kyle and Jane were hardly strangers, but anyway, she was still in a relationship with Kyle when he made his move out to LA. She and Kyle began arguing quite a bit after he moved and that August, they split up for good. Although they did break up, they continued speaking to one another, and Kyle revealed that LA wasn’t exactly for him, so he was planning to return to New York.

Around when Covid happened, some of her friends mentioned to her that they suspected Kyle and Jane were dating. She went right to Jane and questioned her about it, and Jane replied that they were only friends and spending time together because Kyle was still new to the area and didn’t know anyone.

But she knew that Jane was lying to her face because her social media posts told a different story.

“Jane was constantly posting stories on Instagram, and they looked “too close” to be just friends I didn’t believe her,” she said.

“She kept saying they’re just friends, and I unfollowed both of them on Instagram, and neither of them said anything. Jane and I haven’t really talked since everything happened. Jane asked me to be a bridesmaid, and I said no; I felt it would be a little uncomfortable for me. I felt Kyle had been stringing me a long while he was in LA, and I feel awkward that they weren’t honest about it from the beginning.”

Jane has not accepted her no for an answer; Jane has been pushing her to have her new boyfriend come to the wedding too. Kyle also thinks it would be great for her to bring her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jane and her own sister believe she’s being dramatic and needs to agree to be a bridesmaid.

She’s left wondering if it was mean of her to say no to Jane in the first place. Do you think she should agree to be a bridesmaid after all?

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