Her Dream Is To Help Horses In Need, And Now She’s Trying To Raise Money To Save These 3 Pregnant Mustang Mares

Growing up, I always loved going on long drives with my family and looking at the farms of rural Southern Wisconsin. The cows, sheep, horses, and other farm animals that populate the countryside. Just watching the beautiful creatures run across the prairies and cool off in the local spring and rivers. It’s one of the reasons I love the area I live in so much.

One fellow animal lover has made it her life’s work to help those animals, specifically horses. Morgan Ryan has slowly been working to make her dream a reality.

“My dream has always been to rescue and rehabilitate horses who have fallen on hard times and into the wrong hands,” Morgan wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“For the past year, I have slowly been able to work into my dream, of building a facility to accommodate untouched horses, sick horses, tired horses, old horses, and horses that just need a new start in life.”

“Working with mustangs has also become a passion of mine. Whether wild and fresh off the range or just needing that extra helping hand to make them loved members of the family, I love being able to assist in the transitions into useful members of the equine community.”

To have such passion for your livelihood is a unique thing to have, and to be able to help animals in need is an admiral thing.

Caring for such beautiful animals is quite costly, though. Normally, she wouldn’t ask for help, but she is in desperate need of help to get 3 mustang mares from Oklahoma to Colorado.

“Three seemingly pregnant BLM mustang mares showed up at a Kill Pen in Oklahoma together,” Morgan said.

GoFundMe; pictured above are the 3 mares

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