Her Husband Is Mad She Fed His Kids Takeout After He Never Cooked The Kids Dinner And Left Them Home With Her While He Knew She Was Working

She was forced to tell her husband “absolutely not” and suggested that her husband just buy the kids some takeout. Or else, he would have to cook them dinner himself.

However, her husband claimed that takeout was “off the table” because he did not want the kids to eat fast food. Then, he refused to cook them a homemade meal himself because he was running late.

After some more discussion, though, her husband eventually relented and said he would make time to cook before the party.

So, she thought everything was all good and taken care of. Well, that was about two hours later when the kids went running into the room and claimed that they were hungry.

She was caught off guard and asked the kids if her husband had made them dinner like he said he would. But then, she found out that her husband had told the kids to go and ask her to cook them dinner at exactly 7:00 p.m. How shady.

“I was so pissed off to find myself in this situation,” she said. Totally understandable.

Anyway, she ended up being forced to take a few minutes out of a work meeting to order takeout from a nearby restaurant. And afterward, she fed the kids, had them watch some TV, and then finally put them to bed.

Her husband did not get home until about 11:00 p.m. However, the most surprising part is that after he got in, he actually freaked out on her!

Apparently, he found out that she had never cooked dinner and just ordered takeout instead. So, he berated her for not only feeding the kids takeout but also for not following through on something he was “counting on her to do.”

That’s pretty rich coming from him, right?

She thought so, too, and ended up telling her husband off for trying to trick her into cooking for them, even though he knew that she was totally tied up at work. Still, though, her husband just could not see the error of his ways.

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