Her Husband Is Mad She Fed His Kids Takeout After He Never Cooked The Kids Dinner And Left Them Home With Her While He Knew She Was Working

Goffkein - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-five-year-old woman has been married to her husband for about six months now. And even though this period is supposed to be known as the “honeymoon stage,” she has been getting the total opposite experience.

For context, her husband has two children from two separate mothers– who are uninvolved in their care. So, the kids, who are ten and seven years old, have been living with her and her husband full-time.

Having the kids at home is not the real problem, though. Instead, it’s her husband’s lack of, well, parenting.

First of all, she works a very demanding job from home that comes with really long shifts. And for some reason, her husband believes that just because she works from home, she is able to just hit the pause button and do whatever he needs at a moment’s notice.

Obviously, though, that is just not true. Yet, her husband continues to ask her to do things for the kids every single time she is working.

“I tell him I am unavailable during those hours and that the kids are his responsibility until I am done,” she recalled.

Plus, her husband only works two days a week– so he seemingly should be able to take over during those hours.

Just yesterday, though, her husband disregarded her work boundary again. And this time, it totally sent her over the edge.

It all began after her husband told her that he wanted to attend a college friend’s engagement dinner. Then, he asked if she would be able to “take time off of work” to cook the children’s dinner.

Goffkein – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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