She Was Sick Of Her Brother’s Fiancée Bullying Everyone Behind Their Backs, So She Called Her Ugly During A Girls’ Night Out

luismolinero - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s brother is getting married soon and, unfortunately, she has a serious problem with her brother’s fiancée, Sarah– because apparently, Sarah is just a dramatic and gossip-loving girl.

“Sarah is always talking about someone else in a negative light behind their backs, and I cannot stand it, to tell you the truth,” she revealed.

Still, she tried to just put her distaste for Sarah aside. After all, she wanted to just be happy for her brother, and she knew that Sarah was going to be her future sister-in-law.

Well, that was until Sarah began trashing her other brother’s wife, Angie, one night– and all hell broke loose.

For context, she and her sisters have a tradition of going out for a girls’ night once a month. And after her other brother got married to his wife Angie, they started to invite Angie, too. Apparently, everyone loved Angie, and they all had a great time together.

But, after Sarah got engaged to her other brother, Sarah also asked to tag along on the girls’ nights. And even though she and her sisters really did not like Sarah all that much, they agreed to let her go.

Still, though, the girls’ nights after that were never the same after that.

“Sarah has never liked Angie, which has always made the nights harder to deal with because Sarah will just ignore her. Angie is an angel and puts up with it, though,” she explained.

And understandably, Sarah being rude to Angie also really annoyed her. However, she did not do anything about it until last week’s girls’ outing.

luismolinero – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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