Her Late Husband Secretly Put Her Mother-In-Law In Charge Of His Estate, And Now She Has No Control Over Her Money

Finally, he delivered the real kicker– he had made his mom the trustee of said money and claimed that his mother would promptly turn the money over to her after he died.

Well, anyway, after her husband passed away, she went to her mother-in-law and asked about the money. But, she was told that the money was for her child, not her.

“Keep in mind; I was a stay-at-home mom– his decision– not to mention his twenty-four-hour nurse, chauffeur, cook, nanny, housekeeper, and more. I had no money of my own,” she explained.

“And even when I worked here and there– at home or during school hours– that money went into ‘our’ account, which I had no control over.”

Thankfully, she did get her husband’s 401K since he was not allowed to remove her from the policy without her consent.

Still, though, she learned that her husband did try to remove her anyway and that his lawyer was apparently continuing to “sniff around it” even after he died.

Plus, she found out that her mother was the one who recommended that lawyer to her husband. Moreover, her mother-in-law was also at the will appointment– even though she claimed she never went.

But, the worst part is that her husband actually named her mother-in-law her son’s guardian in the event she passes away. This was precisely what she had been trying to avoid before the fight.

“So now, she has all of our money and doles it out as she sees fit. She plans vacations for the three of us without my input and uses the trust to pay for them because they are supposedly for my kid,” she revealed.

And even though her mother-in-law will sometimes reimburse her for her son’s clothing or school supplies, the process is nowhere near peachy.

Instead, her mother-in-law stoops to demanding receipts and claims that she has to account for everything– which she knows is totally false.

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