He’s A Professional Gravedigger Giving Everyone A Peek Into What His Job Is Like On TikTok

There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect funeral for a loved one. There is so much to be done while making arrangements for someone’s passing, and even more work that goes on behind the scenes that most people aren’t aware of.

One TikTok user is giving his viewers a glimpse into the life of a gravedigger and the hefty responsibilities that come with the job.

Barry M. Deep (@barrym.deep) frequently posts videos of the tasks he accomplishes during his shifts as a grave digger.

In his bio, he insists that anyone who views his page is respectful. He is posting these videos for educational purposes more than he is for shock value. Needless to say, his videos are still somewhat fascinating.

When you hear the term gravedigger, it can be hard not to picture something out of a spooky movie, like a creepy old man using a shovel to dig an uneven grave.

But in reality, the position is very complex and uses a variety of technology to create a respectful resting place for the departed.

In many of his videos, Barry is dealing with something called a ‘vault.’ You may not know this, but burial vaults are like underground containers or liners used to support the soil that goes around a casket.

According to Everplans, a burial vault “functions almost like a casket for the casket.”

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot from one of Barry’s videos

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