On A First Date With A Guy, She Climbed In His Car And Noticed It Smelled Like Bleach, But That Was Only One Of The Many Red Flags That Came Out Of This

“I’m like, ‘Adelina, you might be dying today,'” she says in the video. “Now’s your time to shine.”

When Adelina worked up the courage to ask him why there was a gas mask in his car, he told her it was for COVID-19 protection. Have you ever seen someone wearing a gas mask to fight COVID-19?

The date then tried to justify the weird mask by explaining that he’s a germaphobe, which Adelina found super odd, considering he’s going on a date with a stranger.

She then realized she should stop asking him so many questions to avoid making him angry.

Knowing that she wanted to get out and stay out of the car as soon as possible, Adelina suggested that the two of them should grab burritos at a restaurant near the park and eat them in the park.

Then, her date told her that she would need to go back to the car with him so that he could “remember where he parked.” Creepy, right?

Adelina told him she would get back in the car at the end of the date, even though she knew there was no way she’d be doing that.

She noticed her date become even creepier as they sat and ate their burritos. He skipped the small talk and asked her terrifying questions like wanting to know how she reacts when she gets her blood drawn.

When Adelina responded that she hates getting her blood drawn and often faints, he laughed. Not only did he laugh, but he did it in a super scary way.

As the date finally wrapped up, Adelina told the guy that she needed to walk home. He became super upset.

He was “dead silent” on the walk and asked to follow Adelina back to her apartment and go upstairs. When she told him no, he pretended to leave but peeked around the corner once Adelina unlocked her door to tell her that he had a great time.

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