His Wife Wants An “Open Separation” For A Year, So She Can Basically Have Fun And Not Worry About Him

Valua Vitaly - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last 15 years, this 36-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife have been together. They got married six years ago, but for half of their marriage, everything has been terrible.

Every single summer for the last three years, his wife has traveled abroad for a month and essentially ghosted him.

She then would come home and convince him he was making things up. That’s only a small sample of the nightmare his life has become over the past few years, but he doesn’t want to do a deep dive into this.

His wife then surprisingly asked him for a divorce, but he countered with a separation, as he doesn’t want to lose his wife.

Instead, she suggested an “open separation” for a year so she can date other guys, but he maintained that if she wanted to do this, he would like a divorce instead.

Anyway, they have moved forward with a separation, and if you’re wondering why he’s putting up with this, it’s because he’s madly in love with his wife, even after all she’s put him through.

“I’ve heard from friends of friends that she keeps saying, “If he wasn’t so attractive, I would be gone,” he explained.

“Why am I here still? I love her to death, and I honestly don’t think she’s mentally ok. Mental illness runs in her family, and there were some recent and extremely traumatic events that occurred in her family that I think broke her. She’s exhibiting signs of BPD or something similar, and this person is really not the woman I started dating all those years ago.”

“…She’s not the person she was 3 years ago. Like zero semblance. I kept pushing for her to get help, [but] she basically refused. We went to couples therapy, and we got fired twice as she needed to “work on herself before she made any decisions about the marriage.” It didn’t happen; she spiraled, but professionally speaking, she spiraled upwards.”

Valua Vitaly – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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